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Camping Královec

Many people stay on a small surface at a campsite. Everyone has their own habits, something that makes camping fascinating and exciting. However, it also means that rules are necessary, so that the camping guests are not a burden to each other. Please take into account other guests.


- Upon arrival, you must always report to the reception.
- In the absence of personnel or on arrival during closed hours of the reception, you must ensure that you register as soon as the opportunity arises.
- If special conditions apply to your booking, you must report this on arrival.


- Every person must be able to identify and register.
- Valid identification is his passport and ID card.
       * Driving license or copy of passport / ID card is not valid proof of identity.

Prices & Discounts

- Negotiations and discounts can not be negotiated.
- You are entitled to a discount on presentation of a valid membership card / donor card from an organization to which Camping Královec is affiliated.
- You are not entitled to a discount if you are not in possession of a valid membership card / donor card or if Camping Královec is not affiliated with an organization that you have a pass.


- You must take into account other camping guests.
- The owner of Camping Královec can immediately terminate your stay in case of repeated inconvenience (in any form whatsoever).
- Respect the night's rest which applies from 22:00 to 06:00.
- You must leave your dog on a leash outside the area, if applicable.
- It is not allowed to create a campfire in any form in your own place.
   * By ignoring this rule, you take the risk that you can be held responsible for the damage you have caused.
- BBQ is allowed on the campsite. When using, we set the price that you leave your place clean and green.


- On departure you must leave your camping pitch clean.
- You must deposit your waste sorted in the appropriate waste bins on departure.
  * In case of deliberate disregard of environmentally conscious separation of your waste, extra waste processing costs may be charged!


- Camping Královec can not be held responsible for the damage caused by you or other camping guests to your or other people's property.

Rental agreement

- You must reserve in time if you want to use a rental object (rental caravan).
- Additional (repair) costs will be charged in case of damage caused by the tenant.

Terms of payment

- You must be responsible for your (purchase) payments.
- Payments in another currency (€ uro, Zloty and the like) may incur additional costs in connection with exchange costs.


- In case of cancellation of your reservation, you must report this in time to Camping Královec.
- Camping Královec can not be held liable for non-refund of reservation fees / down payments.
- You must take out a travel insurance / cancellation insurance yourself.

- Cancellation by the camping-owner: The camping-owner can return to the contract / reservation before the start of the rental period, when there is serious unforeseen damage to the object to be rented, as a result of which the rented object is no longer available. In this case, the payments already made will be returned to you. The campsite owner is obliged to inform you z.s.m. of the non-availability of the object. If, in spite of this cancellation notification, you explicitly turn against the campsite owner, endanger other persons or take the rental object against the reservation, the campsite owner reserves the right to terminate the contract without notice. The resulting damage will be charged to the guest. The costs saved by the campsite owner will in any case be deducted.

Waste and chemical toillet

- During your stay you should keep your camping pitch clean.
- You must deposit your waste sorted in the appropriate waste bins on departure.
- It is not permitted to discharge chemical waste (in liquid or solid form).

* Camping Královec works with an organic and self-regulating septic tank. Harmful substances can not only be harmful to the environment.
* In the deliberate disregard of environmentally-conscious separation of your waste, extra waste processing costs can be charged!
* A better environment starts with you.

Online reservation

- Information requested during the onine booking will only be used to better serve you.
- The requested data will never be resold to third parties.
- Camping Kralovec is not responsible for the data you enter. You must take responsibility yourself for correctly filling in your details.
- Incorrect data can lead to miscommunication and unconfirmed reservations.
- With online reselling you will receive an automatically generated copy of your reservation. Do you not get a copy? Then your e-mail address has not been entered correctly. Re-enter your details and check your details before sending.
- For reservations only!


- The contact page is exclusively intended to come into contact with Camping Královec.
- Filling in incorrect data can be seen as SPAM. Check your data before sending.
- Data you enter is used for further communication.
- No data is sold to third parties!

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Distances and travel times

- These instructions are only intended to plan your trip. The conditions on the road may deviate from the result shown on the page as a result of roadworks, traffic, weather or other situations. Keep that in mind when planning your trip. Distances and travel times are determined by means of Google Maps, this may differ from reality!


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Královec 68
542 03 Královec
+420 722 515 806
Reg No: 27665186
Vat ID: CZ27665186
50º40’36.3”N / 15º58’07.4”E
  50.676838, 15.968722
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